Handling a medical emergency

If you are experiencing a true medical emergency at any time of day call 911 immediately.

Additional health contacts during working hours:

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Student Affairs   812-877-8210
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs 812-877-8230
Public Safety 812-877-8590
Student Counseling Service 812-877-8537
Poison Control Center 800-382-9097
Vigo County Health Dept. 812-462-3431
Planned Parenthood 812-238-2636
Health Connection 812-234-0707

If I am ill after hours, who should I call?

If you have a problem when the clinic is closed, contact your Resident Assistant for help or go directly to a local medical facility:

Ambucare 812-232-5532
Regional Family Medical                                                                      812-232-3225
T.H. Regional Hospital ER                                                             812-237-1621
Union Hospital ER 812-238-7523
UAP Convenient Care/Urgent Care 812-242-3737
MedExpress 812-232-9994