Taking Initiative 

Amazon, Bruce Coston   

Photo Credit:Bruce Coston, taken while traveling
through the Amazon. -
 "The Marriage of the Waters."


Bruce Coston took initiative. Having traveled to other countries and taught English in China, Coston was already a global learner when he met the Brazilian students from Brazil's ambitious Science without Borders program here at Rose-Hulman. He helped the Brazilians enjoy their life and study experience at Rose-Hulman, and helped them make Terre Haute their second home. Through a combination of iniative, good friendships and discussions with the office of Global Programs, the ME major solidified plans for his trip to Brazil, where he spent the whole summer, 2012. 

Here's what Bruce wrote from the Amazon:



 Bruce Coston from the Amazon

Bruce Coston and his Brazilian friends!
Bruce Coston and his Brazilian friends

"Bruce Coston here. I just wanted to send you a quick

email and say hello.  All is well here with the Sprowls and I.  We are in the Amazons now.  We got to go to the Amazon river yesterday and see the Marriage of the Waters.  I attached a photo of the river and one of some Brazilians that we stayed with for a few days in another city a while back.  We are couchsurfing in Manaus, using couchsurfing.org, for a place to stay for free while we´re here.  

It´s been awesome getting to know the city we´re staying in and the people that are there.  It´s strange how many characteristics of Brazil match those of China.  They are similar in a lot of ways.  Once again, I am reminded of how many privileges, freedoms, and blessings I have been given in the states.  The people here are all too often forced to make do with what they have, while in the states we often have a surplus of supplies to meet our needs.  It´s very intriguing to see things from a different perspective."