Dual Degree Programs

Global GraduateRose-Hulman offers an opportunity to receive a dual degree—from our institute and an international partner university. Students are able to study both at the host institute and Rose-Hulman during their academic career.

Master’s Program

Students can earn two master of science degrees through dual degree programs established with Ulm University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and Seoul National University of Science and Technology (South Korea). Students study both at Rose-Hulman and the international university.

In the Ulm University program, students will earn a master of science in systems engineering and management from the University of Applied Sciences, Ulm and Rose-Hulman.

Students in the program with SeoulTech will be awarded a master of science degree in optical engineering from Rose-Hulman and a master of science degree in mechanical systems design engineering from SeoulTech.

Undergraduate Program

Students can earn two bachelor of science degrees in International Computer Science with the University of Applied Sciences at Hochschule Ulm, Germany. This four-year program leads to two BS degrees – one from Rose-Hulman and one from Hochschule Ulm.

Students at Rose-Hulman will spend their first two years of study on the Rose-Hulman campus. For their third year, the students will be in Ulm, Germany, meeting their peers from Ulm and taking classes together (in English) as a cohort. For their fourth year, both the Rose-Hulman and the Ulm students will be on the Rose-Hulman campus.

More detailed information reguarding the undergraduate program with Hochschule Ulm.