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Studies show that by 2035 the most popular language will not be English. Many of the current industry headquarters will be outside the U.S. As we have seen locally with companies like Eli Lilly and ThyssenKrupp, today's Fortune 500 companies increasingly prefer to hire graduates with international experience.

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Vice President of Academic Affairs Phil Cornwell during cultural exchange and
global programs networking in Japan.


This is because many engineering projects have become global in scope and require global knowledge and skills. If you are the CEO of a multinational corporation, your products are very likely assembled with parts from different countries. The financial well-being of a company and even the stability of a nation rely much more now on this interdependent global economy.

The Office of Global Programs is here to enlarge the number and enhance the nature of global opportunities at Rose-Hulman, and to ensure that the global experiences our students venture into will help them make better choices, land better jobs, and lead better lives.

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Dr. Luchen Li
Associate Dean of Global Programs
Phone: 812-877-8702
Office: M230, Campus Mail: 4050
Email: li2[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Global experience and a broad world view -- what value do they hold for our students in terms of their success beyond Rose-Hulman? -- Visit Dr. Li's full statement on the value of Global Programs at Rose-Hulman.

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