Competition Facilities

Rose-Hulman provides extensive facilities and a welcoming environment for our FIRSTCrossroads guests. 


Sports and Recreation Center (SRC)

The Crossroads Regional will be held in the Rose-Hulman Sports and Recreation Center (SRC). The SRC was constructed in 1997 and it is a state-of-the-art intramural and varsity athletic recreational center.


SRC Fieldhouse

The SRC fieldhouse is the main area on campus for recreation and intramural activities. The SRC fieldhouse will be the home for the 50 FRC pits and the practice field during the regional.


Hulbert Arena

Hulbert Arena is the home for Rose-Hulman's basketball and volleyball program. It is a 1700 seat facility that will be used for the competition field. The fieldhouse and Hulbert Arena are separated only by a short walk and a wall.

 Hulman Memorial Union  

Hulman Memorial Union

Hulman Union. Located on the north side of the campus lakes, the Union houses our dining room, student affairs offices, several student club offices, health services, the bookstore and conference rooms.

This will be the location of the VIP event on Friday as well as the Team Social and Dinner on Friday evening.


Branam Innovation Center

The machine shop will be located in the Branam Innovation Center which is a short golf cart ride up the hill from the SRC.