About the Game

Details about this years game will be announced soon. Last years game type was Ultimate Ascent and is outlined below.

This introductory video models game basics, showing the playing field, goals and pyramids. 


Ultimate Ascent Logo 225px

Just four months before the competition, the game for the 2013 FIRST Robotics competition was announced: Ultimate Ascent℠. The game ends with the robots climbing a 3-rung pyramid like a jungle gym made of steel tubes. Before they get there, the robots must shoot discs into goal slots, both autonomously (pre-programmed) and with their human controllers; they must also launch or fend off attacks from competing robots. Here’s FIRST Robotics description of the game parameters

This 7-part “field tour” video series offers a more comprehensive understanding of the structures, dimensions, materials, and other behind the scenes details.