What happens if you withdraw from Rose-Hulman

If you wish to officially withdraw from the Institute, you must begin the process by meeting with the Dean of Students or any of the Assistant Deans in the Office of Student Affairs. You will receive an official withdrawal form which will require clearance from the Dean, Financial Aid, the Dean of Faculty, your faculty advisor, Student Financial Services and the Registrar's Office. It is imperative that final clearance is obtained from each of these offices prior to completing the process in the Registrar's Office.

Your official date of withdrawal will be the date on which you begin the formal withdrawal process in the Office of Student Affairs or you provide official notification of your intent to withdraw from the Institute. If you do not formally notify the Institute and your last date of class attendance cannot be established, the midpoint of the term will be used as your official date of withdrawal. The Institute encourages completion of the formal withdrawal process in order to ensure the timely processing of student refunds and the return of financial aid funds.