Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) required to continue receiving financial aid

In addition to Rose-Hulman academic requirements, financial aid recipients must meet the following criteria in order to establish and maintain eligibility for financial assistance.

Satisfactory Academic Policy - RHIT Policy

Any student receiving financial assistance who does not meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements during a preliminary review at the end of each academic year will be on Financial Aid warning.  If a student is put on Financial Aid warning, they will be required to make an Academic Plan that will involve the student's Academic Adviser.  The student and his/her Academic Adviser will make an Academic plan which the student will need to follow.  A copy of the Academic plan will be stored in the student's financial aid file.  If the student does not maintain the requirements of the Academic Plan, he/she will be notified by written letter.  This student will need to make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office and Academic Advisor to discuss the situation.  If the Financial Aid Director and Academic Advisor approves the appeal, the student will be put on an Academic Plan.  Once the student's Cum GPA goes above the required GPA, he/she will be taken off Probation.

Undergraduate Students - Grade Requirements

An undergraduate student is considered to have made satisfactory academic progress for maintaining financial aid eligibility in a course of study if the following schedule is maintained.


   Credit Hours Completed              Class Status                        GPA          

                  0 - 44                             Freshmen                               1.8

                45 - 94                            Sophomore                             2.0

               95 - 144                           Junior                                     2.0

                >145                               Senior                                    2.0

An undergraduate student credit hours earned vs. credit hours attempted are looked at each academic year after the spring term.  If the student is not maintaining 67% at the end of the spring term, the student is put on Financial Aid warning.  The student can appeal and go on an academic plan.   The student's academic advisor and the Director of Financial Aid will need to approve the plan.  The plan will be stored in the student's Financial Aid folder.

Note:  Student may take a class over and receive financial aid if the student had failed the class.  If the student is taking a class over that they have previous passed, the class will not be eligible for financial aid.