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How Stuff Works
Discover Engineering
   Find out about what engineers do, try your own engineering projects in the Cool Stuff section, and link to other websites and software to download.

ASCE  Interested in civil engineering? This American Society of Civil Engineers site explains what civil engineering is, some of the important things that have been created by civil engineers, and links to fun activities. You can download a bridge designing program or find other activities like building with straws.

Try Science   Try the experiments on
this site to learn more about any science topic. The site has experiments in math, chemistry, sciences, and other subjects.

Exploratorium   This museum's website lets you explore any subject you are interested in with pictures and activities to help you learn more.

Engineering Sights   Looking for engineering in real life? This site shows you a list of cool examples of engineering that can be found in any state. If you're planning a vacation soon or you want to find something to look at in your own state, check this out.

Engineer Girl   This is a good site for girls interested in engineering. Find out about what engineers do, what women have done, and fun facts about engineering and science.



Brain Pop   This site features short movies on topics from math, science, technology, and other subjects. Learn about color, robots, braces, the ozone, or anything else that grabs your interest.

ASEE    For high school students-the American Society for Engineering Education has information about what engineers do, how to find the right college, benefits of being an engineer, and more.

How Stuff Works   You can explore this site to find out how some everyday things work, like toys or TVs. Or look up something more complicated and see how much you can learn! This site also has games and links to other interesting sites.

Building Big   Wondering about bridges, skyscrapers, domes, and tunnels? This site will show you how big structures are built and who's building them. You can also try the online labs to discover more about the things that go into these buildings.

NASA Kids   Interested in spaceships? This section of the NASA website is made for kids interested in space. Learn how astronauts are exploring space, what it takes to be an astronaut, and find lots of other things like videos and games.

Chem4Kids     This site has in-depth descriptions about all sorts of chemistry topics. Learn about biochemistry, atoms, matter, reactions, and other areas of chemistry.