Ray Anderson 14
Major: Electrical Engineering
Class: 2016

Ray Edwen Anderson


Ray Anderson is a quasi-junior (transfer student) electrical engineering major and President of RISE. When Ray isn’t involving himself with Rise, you can catch him...involving himself with RISE, because Ray is RISE incarnate. Ray’s ultimate aspiration is to use technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and electrical engineering to ameliorate the human community. Some influential books Ray read, which he tries to crowbar into every third-person, autobiographical narrative he creates, so to advocate reading these works, are Walden, Think and Grow Rich, Beyond Good and Evil, Genius Explained, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and Rich Dad Poor Dad. When Ray turned 20 he journeyed to meet the greatest people in the world. In doing so, he met over 20 Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, MacArthur Fellows, a Fields Medalist and other distinguished people. What did Ray learn from Nobel laureates, Genius grant recipients, Pulitzer prize winners, and a Fields Medalist? Good question. Conveniently enough, their collective wisdom has been distilled into one sentence by Ray. They essentially imparted to Ray something that has only been privy to a minority of great thinkers for centuries, but here we will set a precedent and make it public for the first time ever. They essentially articulated that under no circumstances should someone ever...Wait!… How about you attend the next RISE meeting and ask Ray yourself?

 Ryan Tanaka 14
Major: Civil Engineering
Class: 2016

Ryan G. Tanaka

Vice President

Ryan Tanaka is a sophomore, civil engineering major with a profound interest in business related topics, including the stock market and entrepreneurship.

Ryan is currently a building supervisor at the SRC, senator of SGA, and member of ASCE and the career fair team. He loves keeping up on new, innovative technologies that companies develop. He is also President of the newly formed TEDxRoseHulman Student Organization.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing all sports, particularly basketball and golf.

Majors: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Minor: Robotics
Class: 2016

Elena Chong Loo

Marketing Director

Elena Chong is passionate about learning and creating things; she is a filmmaker and a student researcher for the Physics department. Besides being the marketing director for the Rose-Hulman Innovative Student Entrepreneur (RISE) club, she is also the news editor for the student newspaper, The Rose Thorn, and the marketing director for the TEDxRoseHulman student organization. She has also been a mentor for the campus international student orientation program, which has given her the opportunity to learn about different cultures and to meet students from all over the world. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and Cantonese and is proficient in Mandarin. She believes that a combination of art and science can produce innovation that will make the world a better place in which to live. 

 Aaron -Jones
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Robotics and Spanish
Class: 2017

Aaron Jones

Events Coordinator

Aaron Jones joined RISE because he is passionate about technological innovation and desires to learn more about how engineering startup companies function. He decided to run for a position on RISE’s executive board because he is excited about the future of RISE and wants to contribute to that future. Aaron is a member of both the workshop team and the website team within RISE. He enjoys working as a tutor at the Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline and working with the underwater robotics team. He also enjoys playing and watching sports. He has a passion for learning and is excited by the learning opportunities provided by Rose-Hulman, RISE, and the robotics team. He aspires to make a difference in the world through engineering.

 Andrew Roan 14
Major: Electrical Engineering
Class: 2016

Andrew Tyler Roan


Andrew Roan is currently a sophomore electrical engineering student, passionate about emerging new technologies and the integration or cooperation of systems. He enjoys working with his hands and runs his own yard work service during the summer time when time allows. Besides being the treasurer for the Rose Innovative Student Entrepreneurs (RISE) club, he is also a brother of Triangle Fraternity, SAWs correspondent for Engineering Without Borders, and a member of the Career Fair Team. SAWs is an organization known as Servants at Work, which provides wheel chair ramp access to residential homes for those who cannot afford them. Andrew loves the feeling he gets when he can help others in the community and leave a positive impact. Outside of class you would most likely find Andrew in the student recreation center on campus, hanging out with friends, or watching movies. 

 Bryce Filho 14
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Robotics
Class: 2014

Bryce C. Filho


Bryce Filho is a senior Computer Engineer with a minor in Robotics. He first got interested in entrepreneurship when he was in high school and faced unemployment. To solve his unemployment problem he started a lawn care business called Monument Yard Workers which employed 5 of his friends. His first internship at a startup company called SolidFire, Inc. confirmed his joy and passion for starting a company and since then he has worked for two other startup companies, StandingCloud Inc. and iSirona LLC. Currently he is working with several Rise members to start a company called Altruist Apparel, a company that sells disaster relief t-shirts to raise money for those affected by disasters. His aspirations are to start several small companies and later, a company that saves people time through robotics.

Phone: 812-877-8136

William A. Kline

Faculty Advisor

Bill Kline is Dean of Innovation and Engagement, Professor of Engineering Management, and faculty advisor for the RISE Club.  He joined Rose-Hulman in 2001 and his teaching and professional interests include systems engineering, design, quality, innovation, and entrepreneurship.  As Dean of Innovation and Engagement, he focuses on campus innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives including the Branam Innovation Center, continuing education programs, and expanded external partnerships.

Prior to joining Rose-Hulman, his industry experience includes roles as cofounder and Chief Operating Officer at Montronix and development manager at Kennametal.  He is currently working to launch Inside Out Innovations, a venture focused on assisting companies accelerate innovation initiatives.

Bill is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Illinois College and a Bronze Tablet graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign where he received a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering.