Matt Glowacki

Diversity According to South Park and Family Guy

Hatfield Hall Auditorium
7:30-8:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 8


Matt Glowacki is a business owner and paralympics athlete, who uses humor to reach audiences about diversity and how it is presented in the media.

Using TV shows South Park and Family Guy, both of which have characters in wheelchairs, he discusses why these shows that have been criticized for creating stereotypes, really do the opposite. 

“The reason … parody and satire are so powerful is, while you’re watching you laugh.  That is … an actual physical response to the input.”  He said these shows point out inconsistencies in how we view things like disability and racism. 

Glowacki was born without legs and uses his own life experiences, as well as the shows, to talk about stereotypes and diversity issues.