Cooperative education gives you excellent work experience

The primary goal of the Rose-Hulman Co-op Program is for you to become a more knowledgeable and marketable job seeker. If you choose to participate in the co-op program, you will likely alternate study terms here at Rose-Hulman with paid work terms at an actual job site. You will need to consult with your academic advisor to determine when and for how long a co-op job will fit into your academic schedule.

How much does co-op cost?
There is no charge to go out on co-op, but in order for us to maintain your status as a full-time student (keeping your student loans from going into repayment), there is an Administrative Fee per quarter. We also assess a Technology Fee that you are normally charged each quarter so that you can maintain possession of your personal laptop, access to your RHIT e-mail and our servers. In addition, you must have insurance, either on your own or through a family member, or you will be responsible for student insurance. The fees are all assessed by the  Registrar's Office. For more detailed information, please contact Jan Lind at 877-8298.

Can I take classes while I am on co-op?
Most students choose not to take classes while they are working on co-op, but if your co-op site is here in Terre Haute, attending a class may be a possibility. If your site is not in town but is in a city with a college or is near a campus that can transfer credits to Rose-Hulman, then feel free to explore that option! Be sure to talk to the Department Head of the area the class is in about what classes would transfer, and if the classes are not during your free time (evenings, weekends, etc), discuss it with your employer.

Where do I live if I go on co-op outside of Terre Haute?
Some companies offer housing for their co-op students or have apartments set aside that you can rent from them. Ultimately, housing accommodations are your responsibility. When talking with an employer, be sure to ask if they offer any housing allowance, if they provide housing, if they can help you locate housing or whether the ball is in your court for these arrangements. Don't forget to turn on utilities!

Be sure to download the Co-op Handbook and Co-Op Grid Course Schedule. Please fill out all of the required forms.

Questions about co-op? Contact Whitney Wesley via  e-mail or phone: 812-877-8807