Help make it happen - be a volunteer

career fair team

The Career Fairs are such big undertakings that they require the services of a lot of volunteers. Students are assigned duties to plan for the event in advance as well as to run the events. Stop by the Career Services Office if you are interested in joining our team.

Recruitment Committee

Your main responsibilities occur before the fair, but please consider signing up to work the day of the event as well!

Company Contact:

Cold call companies that have attended Career Fairs in years past but failed to sign up yet. These calls should be made by team members in the Career Services Office and should be signed off on by members at the time of calling. Team members should be comfortable cold calling even though scripts and resources will be available.

Operations Committee

Your main responsibilities occur on the day of the fair, but your help will also be needed the night before the fall fair each year.

Fair Set Up:

Attend to the layout of the fair so that all the companies have adequate space, are in the proper order, and have electricity if needed. It is also necessary to attend to any special requests made by companies. The night prior to the Fall Career Fair, the committee will be responsible for supervising fair setup and ensuring the facility is ready for the event. Winter and Spring Fairs set up on the morning of the event. This involves spreading tablecloths and re-spacing tables as necessary.  Set up for all fairs includes handling packages that have arrived for companies and posting signs as necessary, both indoors and outdoors.

Day of the fair (broken down by shifts):

Assist with the logistics of the fair. This could include helping companies move in, working the student registration table, or any number of other tasks that could be assigned to you. For example:

Greeters - Parking /Unloading (morning until fair starts):

Assist companies as they arrive to the event, helping bring their materials into the building and escorting them to their booth. The goal is to ensure that there are no traffic jams as the representatives park, and that they feel greeted and assisted with their packages and materials as they check in for the event.

Company Registration (morning until fair starts):

Anyone assigned to this duty is to welcome each company and present them with a folder of materials and a packet of nametags if names were provided before the event. You will complete a chart, gathering specified information, and referring noted companies to the Recruiting Coordinator if they have additional information to pick up for interviews. Greeters will escort the company to their booth.

Student Registration (during the fair):

Assist students as they register for the fair, encouraging them to sign in and assemble a nametag to wear. Try to keep the line moving and students heading back toward the student prep area. The goal is to get students signed in and given a nametag as quickly as possible. Booklets and maps are also to be given out.

Floaters (during the fair):

Floaters should be continually walking around the event and looking for companies that have displayed a yellow table tent indicating they need help. Water and soda should be freely offered.

Clean Up (after the fair ends):

Responsible for cleaning up after each fair: disposing of trash, returning company boxes for shipping, helping company reps take materials to their cars, and getting the facility ready for another other event to occur, such as Interview City which follows the Fall Career Fair.

Employer Relations Committee

You have some responsibilities before the fair, but also on the day of the event.


Coordinate publicity for the event through e-mails, CM boxes, posters/signs in the Commons and in the Union, flyers in residence halls and academic buildings, or other new ideas for publications. Do publicity 1 AND 2 weeks before the Career Fair.

Employer Packet & Nametags:

Gather welcome letter, agenda, worker resumes, campus map, and any other needed Rose info.  Send the materials to the print shop in advance of the meeting to assemble these materials. Organize and attend folder stuffing and nametag assembly meetings.


Floaters during the fair (along with floaters from Operations) should be continually walking around the event and looking for companies that have displayed a yellow table tent indicating they need help. Water and soda should be freely offered.

Day of Fair Tours:

Give tours to interested company representatives at specified times on the days of the Career Fairs.

ROSE Expo:

Assist with the company networking event that occurs the morning of the Fall Career Fair. This might include set up for ROSE Expo, check-in, or other duties as assigned.