What is an "electronic display board"?

eBoard in the Union

Affectionately called eBoards, our electronic display board network is a way for showcasing our Career Services Partners across campus!

How it works:

  • LED TV/Monitors running on a VISIX digital signage platform.
  • The original eBoard hub is located in the center of the Student Union building near the line for the cafeteria and lobby couches. Our eBoard is seen by current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, staff and parents!
  • We also have eBoard hubs in the Computer Science/Software Engineering department, the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, the Learning Center, the main Career Services office and many additional locations across campus. 
  • The eBoard network displays information about select upcoming campus events and also serves as an incredible marketing tool for companies 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. 
  • Your marketing department should create these ads for you for maximum impact.
  • If you wish to discuss purchasing additional advertising options beyond what is included in our program, contact Scott Tieken 812-877-8604!

Compare our eBoard benefits with your other marketing options in TV, radio and print, and we think you will see the tremendous benefit of what we have to offer!

Here are some partner ads that ran during the academic year:

(click to view larger)

Allegient Ad