Hire a student full-time for a co-op experience

Rose-Hulman students are encouraged to gain real-world work experience to supplement their education in the classroom. One way is to take one or more terms off from school for a co-op experience. The major thrust of the co-op experience is educational as the student gets hands-on, discipline-specific experience. Students do not receive academic credit for their co-op work.

By its very nature, the co-op experience involves cooperation among three parties: your company, Rose-Hulman and the student you hire. We all want to make sure the student gains an opportunity to put into practice what's been learned in the classroom. At the same time, the student should make a real contribution to your company.

How do you qualify?

We have more than 50 companies participating in our co-op program. There are no extensive forms or paperwork required to join them. Following are the basic requirements we ask of employers:

  • You carefully develop an employment opportunity that gives the student a learning opportunity that engages him or her in real work assignments.
  • The student should have ample exposure to a senior representative who serves as a mentor, providing feedback.
  • We ask that you provide fair compensation to the student. Because they are employed full-time, we expect them to be compensated at a rate that reflects their work.
  • You should provide full disclosure of the terms of employment to the student before he or she accepts the offer. While you may not know the exact work assignments, you should be able to provide details on job location, compensation, initial expectations and area of work assignment.
  • The student's direct supervisor must commit to providing a written evaluation to discuss with the student prior to the end of the co-op experience.

How do you find your student?

We will help pair you up with the students most qualified for your position through our eRecruiting database. You may also meet with prospective students during one of three Career Fairs held throughout the year or you may hold on-campus interviews at most any time.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Whitney Wesley by e-mail or phone: 812-877-8807.