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Sometimes we feel like matchmakers here in the Career Services Office. After all, you offer exciting careers in math, science and engineering and we educate some of the brightest students in the nation who want to work for you! We offer you a variety of ways to connect with our students, from our on-campus Career Fairs and Graduate School Fair and interview opportunities to our partnership program.

***On Campus Recruiting can take place between September 16th - May 29th. Click Here to view the academic calendar.

Post your job openings online

Let our students know about internship and post-graduation job opportunities with our CareerLink system. Click Here to post positions today!

Your Company + Career Services

We do all we can to connect you with our students - your future employees. So in addition to our Career Fairs and online job postings, we also offer you specialized recruiting events.

Special internship programs for Indiana companies

If you can provide an entrepreneurial or biomedical internship and you're in Indiana, you may qualify for a special funded program.

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on-campus events!

Our Career Fairs are our biggest recruiting events of the year for intern, co-op and full-time hiring. We also plan a Graduate School Fair for post-graduate programs!


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Rose-Hulman's Policy on Reneging on job offers:

Rose-Hulman Career Services strives to assist employers with their recruiting efforts and assist our students in making informed career decisions. When it comes to reneging job offers, the message from the Career Services office is clear:  Accepting an offer, only to continue actively interviewing is unethical and unprofessional. We inform students that when they accept a job offer, they are agreeing to stop their job search entirely. Once the career services office is notified of an accepted offer, that student is inactivated and no longer has access to interviewing or applying to positions through the career services office.  We strongly encourage students that if they aren’t sure about a job, they would be better served to keep looking for the “right fit” rather than accept a job and continue looking.   Reneging a job offer not only hurts the Rose-Hulman reputation with companies, but also the individual’s reputation