Questions we hear from parents and families

We've compiled the most commonly asked questions and answers here. If you don't see the answer to your question, please call the Career Services Office at 812-877-8475.

Q: Is there a cost for students to attend your career fairs (or other events)?
A: No. All of our events are free and open to any student on campus. We also allow our alumni to come back and attend if they are in the area. Non-students are not allowed, however.

Q: Can freshmen go to the Career Fairs?
A: Absolutely! In fact, we encourage them to. It is important to begin learning how to sell oneself to companies early, and every event we host is an opportunity to be seen by companies.

Q: How are co-ops and internships different?
A: Students are eligible to go on a summer internship after their freshman year. Students are eligible to go out on co-op after the winter term of their sophomore year. The main difference between the two is that internships occur only during the summer break, while co-op terms occur during the school year. A co-op student will go and work for one or more quarters instead of going to class. Co-op students also have additional paperwork to fill out. For more details on co-op, please contact Alison Fell.

Q: Do you find jobs for students?
A: Technically, no. We are not able to place a certain student with a specific job, but we are able to help the students make all the needed contacts to get connected with appropriate job opportunities. We provide support at every point in the job search process and have an extensive list of contacts to help students find jobs they are interested in.

Q: Are internships/co-ops required?
A: No. It is not required to have an undergraduate work experience by the time a student graduates, but it is HIGHLY encouraged. There are many opportunities for internships, co-ops, research, part-time internships and other experiences, and we think it is extremely valuable for every student to tap into those opportunities. Over 90% of our students will have at least one experience by graduation.

Q: Do students get paid for internships? Or get credit?
A: Our students do not get academic credit for internships or co-op because they get paid a full-time wage for their full-time work. Most undergraduate work is very competitively compensated.