What to do during your senior year

So, you've reached your senior year and you want to do everything in time to have a job the day after commencement. Following is a suggested month-by-month schedule to help you accomplish that goal.


  • Update profile and resume on eRecruiting.
  • Develop a Job Search Plan
  • Draft your resume; have it critiqued by Career Services
  • Make a list of useful contacts
  • Make a list of companies for a targeted phone/mail campaign


  • Meet with Career Services
  • Attend Get FIT workshops
  • Schedule mock interview
  • Interview through Career Services Office
  • Prepare and send letters or make phone calls to companies on your list
  • Follow up with employers
  • Use quarter break to contact prospective employers
  • If considering graduate school, take the GRE, attend Graduate School Seminar and apply to graduate schools
  • Attend Rose-Hulman Career Fair


  • Write or call alumni and other contacts to ask for referrals
  • Use other job search techniques such as online sites, professional journals, classified ads and employment professionals
  • Continue on-campus interviewing
  • Continue making contacts
  • Use winter break to follow up with previous contacts and making new contacts


  • Discuss progress with Career Services
  • Use other job search techniques listed above
  • Continue on-campus interviewing
  • Report offers to Career Services
  • Attend the Winter Career Fair


  • Prepare for and schedule second interviews, if invited
  • Arrange meetings with prospective employers
  • Call helpful contacts
  • Continue follow-up with previous contacts
  • Use spring break to meet with networking contacts
  • Report offers to Career Services


  • Take FE exam
  • Attend Spring Career Fair
  • Discuss progress with Career Services
  • Continue to contact prospective employers
  • Continue to network
  • Discuss job offers with Career Services
  • Accept offer
  • Report acceptance to Career Services