Business and Finance Office location and contact information

Moench Hall - main

The Business & Finance office is located in Moench Hall - Room A102.

Contact information

Office of Business and Finance
5500 Wabash Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47803

Local: 812-877-8296
Toll Free: 800-248-7448

Staff & Contacts

Associate Vice President for Business and Finance Office

Davis Matt 2011


Matthew D. Davis

Associate Vice President for Finance

Email: davis3[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8421
Office: Moench Hall A109

Controller's Office

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Stephanie Lanke


Email: lanke1[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8794
Office: Moench Hall A103

Kirkpatrick Michelle 2015


Michelle M. Kirkpatrick

Manager of Financial Services

Email: kirkpat1[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8972
Office: Moench Hall A102A

Vearrier Lori 2014


Lori A. Vearrier

Senior Staff Accountant

Email: coronel1[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8281
Office: Moench Hall A104

Mcclintock Robin 2014


Robin G. McClintock

Senior Accounts Payable Coordinator

Email: mcclinto[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8256
Office: Moench Hall A107

Hardman Emily 2015


Emily Secuskie

Student Financial Services Coordinator

Email: hardman[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8458
Office: Moench Hall A102

Jones Patricia 2011


Patty Jones

Accounts Payable Assistant

Email: jones4[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8159
Office: Moench Hall A105

Insurance/Risk Management

Butts Susan 2011


Susan Butts

Manager, Insurance/Risk Management

Email: butts[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8457
Office: Facilities FAC 116

Sponsored Programs

Price Linda 2011


Linda L. Price

Director of Business Operations

Email: price[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8165
Office: Moench Hall A111

Rehmel _Sally _2015


Sally Rehmel

Sponsored Programs Coordinator

Email: rehmel[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8519
Office: Moench Hall A108

Investment and Budget Accounting

Hahn David 2015


David W. Hahn

Senior Investment and Budget Accountant

Email: hahn[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8162
Office: Moench Hall A106

Administrative Services

Bromstrup Bryan 2015


Bryan Bromstrup

Director of Administrative Services

Email: bromstru[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8222
Office: Facilities 110

Watson Bob 2014


Robert Watson

Assistant Director of Administrative Services

Email: watson[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8488
Office: Facilities 108

Sladek Trudy 2011


Trudy Sladek

Administrative Assistant

Email: sladek[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8215
Office: Moench Hall A108

Alumbaugh Rick 2014


Rick Alumbaugh

Manager, Mail Distribution Center

Email: alumbaug[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8490
Office: Moench Hall DL130

Kimball Jamee 2014


Jamee Kimball

Assistant, Mail Distribution Center

Email: kimball[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8015
Office: Moench Hall EL106


Elliott Brenda 2011


Brenda Elliott

Assistant Manager, Bookstore

Email: elliott[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8515
Office: HMU 119

Fulk Sheryl 2011


Sheryl Fulk

Manager, Bookstore

Email: fulk1[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8514
Office: HMU 121

Mccarter Kimberly 2011


Kim McCarter

Bookstore Clerk

Email: mccartk[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8516
Office: HMU 121A

Crosby Sam 2013


Samantha Crosby

Bookstore Web Specialist

Email: crosby4[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8525
Office: HMU 119

Mail Processing Center

Olah Tanya 2014


Tanya Olah

Manager, Mail Processing Center

Email: olah[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8699
Office: Facilities 102

Norris Donna 2014


Donna Norris

Assistant, Mail Center

Email: norris1[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8546
Office: Facilities 102

Print and Copy Services

Schoonover Jeff 2014


Jeff Schoonover

Manager, Print and Copy Services

Email: schoonov[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8370
Office: Facilities 102

Wilkinson Ryan 2014


Ryan Wilkinson

Assistant, Print Shop

Email: wilkinso[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Phone: 812-877-8303
Office: Facilities 102