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NEWS: Rose-Hulman Commencement, 2011

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Congratulations, Class of 2011

May 18, 2011


Entire class, 2011
Meet Rose-Hulman's graduating class of 2011

This year, the Rose-Hulman web team will be presenting even more coverage of the Commencement event. From breakfast to awards to inspiring speakers to the tossing of the caps, our team of photographers and videographers will be busy capturing the moments.

We Ran Live Coverage
We Tweeted updates
We've posted Dr. Kaku's entire speech, recorded in Moscow

Share on Flickr: We invite students, faculty, families to post images to Rose-Hulman's Flickr pool, anything leading up to or including Commencement -- those colorful parties, rehearsals, awards ceremonies; that handshake or sailing tassel.

Here on the website, we will carry some choice photos from the pool of Commencement and Commencement day.

Return for Highlight Photo Albums:
We're compiling photo albums of pictures from our staff, our hired pros, and whatever you and your families send us. Here's the first from Commencement Day.

Videos: Next week, we'll start posting brief videos, they'll include key presentations as well as smaller bits of Michio Kaku's speech. And later, we'll be posting a Commencement Highlight video that can be easily passed along to friends and family.

It is our intention to keep the 2011 Commencement experience virtually alive.

Happy Commencement Day!