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Notes from the April 4 Rose Exchange

April 4, 2012

  • Princeton Best Professors  
    Rose-Hulman has 6 of the 300 Best Professors, according to Princeton Review  
    New head librarian Bernadette Ewan was introduced. A local Terre Hautian and graduate of ISU, Ewan also comes to Rose-Hulman after working for the large pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur in support of research there.  
  • Communications and Marketing announced an upcoming "Faculty Appreciation Day" in honor of the 6 Rose-Hulman faculty members chosen by the Princeton Review among the 300 Best Professors. Details forthcoming.
  • RoseEvaluation Conference came to a successful conclusion over the weekend.
  • Jim Goecker reported that Lisa Norton and her staff posted over 500 campus visitors last month.