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DuBois’ Technical, Legal Knowledge Helps Entrepreneurs Realize Dreams

October 21, 2014

UPDATED Dubois Photo

Entrepreneurial Ally: As a partner in the Indianapolis office for the Ice Miller law firm, Dustin DuBois has negotiated licensing, supply contracts, and acquisition agreements for his clients with international companies.

Dustin DuBois helps high-tech entrepreneurs realize their dreams and build their tech companies as an attorney at one of the Midwest’s most influential law firms.

As a partner in the Ice Miller law firm, DuBois and his colleagues in the firm's business group guide clients through the life cycle of building their companies, securing investment, and selling their companies.

On the other side of the negotiation table, the 1992 chemical engineering alumnus has represented investors and acquiring companies in hundreds of deals, providing the understanding of what investors and buyers expect of their target companies. DuBois uses this perspective to the advantage of client companies through building portfolios of patents and other intellectual property, negotiations within merger, acquisition, and investment deals, and drafting and negotiating all kinds of other contracts.

DuBois has also played a key role in negotiating licensing and supply contracts for clients, often with some of the largest companies in the world. He uses his engineering education to better understand the subject matter of the contracts he negotiates.

"To strike the right balance with key contract provisions, it's crucial to understand the risks and exposure a client might face by outsourcing all of its data storage to the cloud, changing a mission-critical software platform, or entering a long-term agreement to supply parts to the world's largest electronics manufacturer. That's how I use my Rose-Hulman education every day," he says.

One of DuBois’ biggest adventures may have been as part of Ice Miller’s team serving ExactTarget in Salesforce’s $2.5 billion acquisition of the Indianapolis seller of marketing software. He also had a role in ExactTarget’s initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, raising more than $161 million.

“As lawyers, we get a chance to play a significant role in the most important and interesting events of our clients' businesses,” DuBois states. “It's a rush to play that role, and be involved with a client like ExactTarget as it goes public or sells for a couple billion dollars. That's enough for me: to know that we play such a role in our clients' success. I don't know that I have the stomach for taking the risk of starting and growing a business like our clients do.

He adds, “Frankly, we are extremely entrepreneurial within Ice Miller. I've helped and continue to grow a practice that does a great job of supporting software and tech companies, and recently we have formed a new data security and privacy group that, based on our people involved, should be a significant benefit to our clients.”

DuBois worked in product development, management, and technical advisory capacities for Bemis and divisions of Caterpillar, General Motors, and Betz Laboratories prior to attending and graduating in 2000 from the Indiana University School of Law.