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Volume 1 (1),-2000
Lori GilesUniversity of Evansville About the Author
Optimization Methods Applied to and Compared Through an Academic Database
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J. Jacob TawneyDenison University About the Author
Turning the Lights Out in Three Dimensions
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Suzanne ReichelUniversity of Wisconsin About the Author
Kyen WaldronUniversity of Oregon About the Author
Sprials, Partial Sums and Continuous Images
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Melissa DeLeonSeton Hall University About the Author
A Study of Sufficient Conditions for Hamiltonian Cycles
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C. Ryan VinrootNorth Carolina State University About the Author
Symmetry and Tiling Groups for Genus 4 and 5
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Volume 1 (2),-2000
Kelly KnappUrsinus College About the Author
The Interpolation of Hydraulic Head Contours
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Amy SmithDavidson College About the Author
Basins of Roots and Periodicity in Newton's Method for Cubic Polynomials
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Ari LamsteinUniversity of Michigan About the Author
Theory and Implementation of a Functional Programming Language
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Volume 2 (1),-2001
Clark BennettUniversity of South Dakota About the Author
River Quality Modeling Using Differential Equations
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Jonathan SchneiderWalter Johnson High School About the Author
The 'Flattened' Projections of Orientable Surfaces
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Kyle PetersenWashington University About the Author
Polynomials Over Finite Fields Whose Values Are Squares
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Volume 2 (2),-2001
Jamie McCrearyTennessee Technological University About the Author
Comparison of Centrality Estimators for Several Distributions
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Eric WilburSt. Olaf College About the Author
Topspin: Solvability of Sliding Number Games
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Chantel S. CleghornAngelo State University About the Author
Application of Generalized Inverses and Circulant Matrices to Iterated Functions on Integers
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Mark SchulteSt. Olaf College About the Author
Automorphisms of Metacyclic p-Groups with Cyclic Maximal Subgroups
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Seth M. HainUniversity of Nebraska About the Author
Algebra and Matrix Normed Spaces
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Nicholas RoersmaWabash College About the Author
U-factorizations in Commutative Rings with Zero Divisors
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