Guide for Authors


  1. Before we begin the refereeing process for your paper, we must receive the following documents in electronic format.
    • Your paper.
    • Any accompanying figures which are to be included in the paper.
    • A brief abstract of your paper that can easily be read in HTML (that is, try not to use mathematical notation here). The abstract is very important for our readers. Although the abstract will not be downloaded with the paper, readers will use your abstract to determine if the entrie article is worth downloading.
    • An email letter from you (see below).
    • An email letter from a mathematician who has supervised your work or will verify that your work was completed while you were an undergraduate (see below).
  2. We would prefer that the paper be written using LaTeX, Scientific WorkPlace, or Microsoft Word. However, other formats may be allowed. We will work hard to overcome the formatting obstacles presented by the various word processors. We need to be able to convert to a PDF format for publication.
  3. Your paper should be accessible and interesting to a wide range of readers. All papers should have introductory paragraphs that describe the work, give background on the particular problem, and provide motivation for the more detailed aspects of the paper. Furthermore, your paper should include appropriate references.
  4. The paper should be submitted to the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal by one of the following methods:
    • email to
    • send floppy disk to Editor, Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, Rose-Hulman, Terre Haute, IN 47803
  5. Your email letter to us at should include
    • a statement requesting that your paper be published in the RHIT Mathematics Journal. Please note that it is common practice to submit an article to only one journal at a time.
    • a statement giving the dates when the work was done and that you were an undergraduate at that time.
    • a paragraph, which we will include on-line, describing yourself and the circumstances in which the work was done (REU program, senior project, summer intern, etc.). You may also list hobbies and future plans.
    • Any special instructions concerning the paper and accompanying figures.
    • The name of the mathematician who will be acting as your reference for the paper. Please have your sponsor read the next item. Note that you are to request that the person write the letter. We will not request the letter.
  6. In order for an undergraduate to have a paper published in our journal, we require that a mathematician write a letter of support. The letter is to include:
    • your association with the student. For example, were you the student's supervisor for the project which generated the work or did the student simply ask you to look at the paper after the work was completed.
    • your assessment of the paper. We do not require the work to be original, but we do expect the paper to be well-written (with proper references), to be interesting to a wide range of readers, and to have a level of mathematical maturity that is clearly beyond a typical homework assignment.
    • a statement verifying that the student did the work as an undergraduate.
    • your name and address as you would like it to appear in the acknowledgment of the article. You may include your email address if you wish.