Andrew is currently a sophomore at the Westwood High School in Austin. He and his family have just moved from Dayton, Ohio. He has been very interested in mathematics and science subjects, in particular computer science and applied mathematics. He enjoys programming in Java and MatLab for solving real problems and for playing games. Andrew studies in an enriched TAG Program. He completed his introductory modern physics in the CTD Program at Northwestern University. Under the guidance of his summer research advisor, Professor Qin Sheng, he not only learned the concepts of calculus, but also understood the importance of approximations via finite differences.Working independently, he developed all MatLab programs required to show either the consistency or inconsistency of different formulas. Andrew also enjoys many activities beyond the sciences, including reading, playing computer games, swimming, and playing his cello with fellows in the school orchestra. Send Email

Faculty Sponsor: Qin Sheng, Department of Mathematics, Baylor University