Our research was conducted from May 27, 2002 until July 19, 2002, at which time I was an undergraduate at Western Michigan University. I am a junior at Western Michigan University majoring in General Mathematics and Economics. Last year I learned of the National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates program through my involvement in Pi Mu Epsilon, a math honors society. Since I am planning on attending graduate school for either math or economics, I figured that would be the perfect opportunity for me to get my feet wet in research. Over the summer of 2002, I participated in this program at Central Michigan University, and was introduced to our problem by Dr. Yury Ionin. Under his supervision, Coral, Vishal, and I worked on our project. When I'm not working on homework, I enjoy contact sports and am involved in club wrestling and rugby.
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Faculty Sponsor: Yury J. Ionin - Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI