I am submitting my paper, "Basins of Roots and Periodicity in Newton's Method for Cubic Polynomials," for your consideration to be published. I began work on this project in June of 1999 and completed it in May of 2000. I have been an undergraduate throughout this time. I am a math major and music minor in the Class of 2000 at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. I began the project in the summer of 1999 at the Summer Undergraduate Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor at CMU was Dr. Tim Flaherty and I worked with two other students, Zalenda Cyrille and Kari Whitcomb. I continued the project for my senior honors thesis at Davidson with Dr. Richard Neidinger as my advisor. I will be attending the graduate program in Physics at West Virginia University in the Fall of 2000 in order to prepare for eventual graduate study in Astronomy. My hobbies include playing the cello and swimming. My reference for the paper is my honors advisor, Dr. Richard Neidinger. Thanks, Amy Smith __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send instant messages & get email alerts with Yahoo! Messenger. http://im.yahoo.com/