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Floyd Yager

Northbrook, Illinois
B.S. in Mathematics, 1989
Assistant Product Vice President on the West Product Management Team and the state manager for California for Allstate


I received a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Economics from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1989. I also has earned a MBA from the University of Illinois – Chicago.  I am a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society,a member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and have been active as a volunteer in the CAS serving on continuing education and exam committees, having served as an exam Part Chair and a General Officer of the Exam Committee. I am currently Assistant Product Vice President on the West Product Management Team and the state manager for California.

As far as mathematics for my job, honestly in managing the Allstate business for California it is not very heavy. However in getting to this position I spent a lot of time in roles as an actuarial student building rating plans, doing datamining and research, doing statistical analysis, etc. As an actuary the demand for mathematical expertise is high. However, the logic and problem solving skills that come with a mathematical education are, perhaps, more important. ; Understanding how to set up and solve a problem, understanding how to make simplifying assumptions and the impact those assumptions can have on the answer, and having a solid quantitative background to analyze the business and make decisions are very important in what I have done and what I still do.

The education from Rose has been very beneficial. Rose actuaries have done well and there was a time, recently, when we had 5 of us here at Allstate (Ron Scott, Phil Banet, Joel Atkins, Isaac Adams, and me). Phil and I are left here as others have moved on to other companies. However, a recent grad, Gilbert Grady, accepted a position at Allstate last summer.

A short professional bio follows: Floyd joined Allstate in 1989 as an Actuarial Analyst in the Auto Pricing Department. He progressed through various assignments in the Home Office pricing world before transferring to the Allstate Research and Planning Center in Menlo Park, California in 1993 for an 18 month rotational assignment. Floyd returned to Home Office in 1994 and worked as a pricing manager in charge of 13 states including California. In November 1996 he moved to the Training and Education area to lead the actuarial training unit. Floyd then spent time in Actuarial Research and as a Pricing Director before moving out to lead the personal lines pricing and research for Deerbrook Insurance Company. Floyd spent 18 months Allstate’s Independent Agency Group during the acquisition of the CNA Personal Lines before returning to Home Office as a Pricing Director in 2000. Floyd moved over to the Research area in 2001 and led the Auto Research team before taking over responsibility for all the research and development. During his time in R&D the group worked on various phases of SRM for auto and property as well as the development of Your Choice Auto. Floyd is named on the provisional patent for the Allstate Your Choice Auto product. In August 2004 Floyd was promoted to Assistant Vice President in Product Operations. ; In January 2005, Floyd transferred to the Midwest Regional Office as the Assistant Field Vice President. In that role he managed the day-to-day operations of Allstate’s Midwest Region. In May 2006 he returned to Home Office and moved into his current role.

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