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Bill McKenna

Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2002
Patent Attorney


After graduating from Rose-Hulman with B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2002, I entered Law school at Indiana University (Bloomington) and graduated in 2005.  Prior to joining Woodard Emhardt (Indianapolis, Indiana) as a patent attorney, I was a software engineer for a large digital video processing corporation.

As for math in my career, I worked as a software engineer for a large digital video processing company during law school in which mathematics was a major part of our image processing techniques and my skills were using quite heavily in the design phases of this. In addition, in my patent practice, I do substantial work for Batelle Memorial Institute in which many mathematical systems, such as software, cryptography, etc. are the subject of patent application. My abilities to comprehend these systems quickly is vital to my work in this area in addition to others.

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