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Program Requirements - Annual Integrated Math Catalogues

Our web-only catalogue, is updated and frozen annually during the summer, to be in force for students entering the following September. To help students keep track of the many updates the department has constructed annual "integrated math catalogues", consisting of all mathematics requirements and courses -- and their updates -- up to the freeze date. Mathematics majors may graduate under the catalogue in force in the year in which they entered or a later catalogue, (provided courses still exist) but may not mix requirements among years. Any matters of interpretation among the various versions of the catalogue will be resolved by the Head of the Mathematics Department. The various versions of recent math catalogues may be found at these links:

In particular they contain the following.(click on the link to go directly to the relevant section of the current integrated catalogue)..

In addition, scheduling and checklist templates for the major and double major are in the ANGEL Major Group for Mathematics.

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