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Special Programs - Fast Track Calculus


Differential, integral and multivariable calculus, is offered during the summer (late July through late August) for selected members of our entering freshman class who have demonstrated outstanding ability in mathematics and studied a year of calculus during high school. Participants are expected to have scored at least 700 on the mathematics portion of the SAT or 31 on the mathematics portion of the ACT. Students, who have a 680 mathematics score and at least a 700 verbal score on the SAT, or a 30 mathematics score and at least a 31 verbal score on the ACT have also been admitted to the program.  Participants who successfully complete Fast Track Calculus (graded on a pass/fail basis) satisfy Rose-Hulman's freshman Calculus requirement, are awarded 15 quarter hours of credit toward graduation , and begin their college careers as "mathematical sophomores."

Admission to Fast Track Calculus is competitive. Interested students should contact the Head of the Mathematics Department or Director of Fast Track Calculus.

Fast Track Calculus is graded on a pass/fail basis. For course details, see the MAFTC course in the section on mathematics course descriptions. For information on the program and application procedures see the Fast Track Calculus site.

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