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Fact Sheet for Rose-Hulman and the Rose-Hulman Mathematics Department



Rose-Hulman Facts

See Rose-Hulman Fact Sheet for more detail on Rose-Hulman facts.

  • four-year, private, non-sectarian college of engineering, science, and mathematics
  • 1960 students 90% undergraduate 10% graduate
  • 11 departments 
    • Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Computer, and  Mechanical Engineering
    • Applied Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Physics and Optical Engineering, and Mathematics
    • Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering Management
  • 80% of students in engineering, 20% in sciences
  • faculty to stud net ratio : 1:12
  • U.S. News & World Report's prestigious survey of higher education ranks Rose-Hulman as the #1 engineering institution whose highest degree is a bachelor's or master's. 
  • placement rate is nearly 100%, 15% go to graduate school upon graduation 
  • quality student body: median SAT: 620 critical reading, 680 math
  • high persistence of students 
  • students from almost states, most from Indiana (44%) and neighboring states  25% (see geographic distribution)
  • emphasis on a "hands-on" education through extensive lab experiences and a client sponsored project or undergraduate research.
  • project work supported through Myers Center for Technological Research with Industry, and
  • also through Rose-Hulman Ventures

Mathematics Department Facts

  • 20 faculty from diverse areas 
  • almost  every student (95%) takes 6 foundational classes in mathematics starting at calculus
  • the mathematics department is 1/6th of the faculty and teaches about 1/7 of all classes 
  • 40% of entering students have at least one quarter of AP Calculus credit, 14% have a year of Calculus credit, some through the innovative Fast Track Calculus program 
  • more than 50% of math majors take math as a second major
  • strong ties to computer science department
  • Strong involvement in Undergraduate Research
  • good computing and strong involvement of computing in mathematics teaching, every student has a laptop computer which may be used in classes
  • strong interest in interest in collegiate-level mathematics competitions
  • outreach through annual high-school mathematics contest
  • governance based on mission-vision-goals statement and annual strategic planning


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