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This syllabus archive contains the current or most recent syllabus and topics list for courses taught by the Mathematics Department which are freshman and sophomore required courses for other programs . The documents are modified from year to year and are updated once the new ones are established. The documents are either in HTML or PDF format (so noted in the table of syllabi in the navigation panel), from which the syllabus may be printed out. There are two types of documents in the table of syllabi:

  1. a general syllabus outlining goals, course topics, course policies and so on, and
  2. a topics list giving specific sections of material from the text.

A list of current commonly taught, required courses and obsolete courses with their equivalencies, approximate equivalencies, and replacement courses is given below. The source documents and syllabi from previous years are archived here (restricted to RHIT Mathematics Dept.).

Text Transition: During years in which there is a text transition in Calculus or DE classes which have already begun the sequence will use the text and syllabus from the previous year the are noted as MA113 previous and MA212 previous.

General Policies

Several policies which guide the instruction of our courses, especially lower division courses are:

List of Lower Division Courses and Equivalencies

Current Courses
Course Name Course Number Equivalent (or approximately equivalent courses) last 10 years
Calculus I MA111  
Calculus II MA112  
Calculus III MA113  
Differential Equations MA211 MA221
Matrix Algebra and Systems of Differential Equations MA212 MA222
Engineering Statistics I MA223  
Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra I (Disco I) MA275  
Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra I (Disco I) MA375  
Introduction to Probability and Statistics MA381  

Old Courses
Course Name Course Number Equivalent or approximately equivalent current
Introductory Calculus MA101 none
Differential Calculus MA102 none
IFYSCEM (math component) SE101,SE102,SE103 MA111, MA112, MA113
Integrated Calculus I, II, III  SE111,SE112,SE103 MA111, MA112, MA113
Differential Equations I MA201 MA211
Differential Equations II MA202 MA213, MA222 (both approximate only)
Engineering Statistics MA205 MA212, MA223, MA227
Applied Math I MA211 (FCSEC) MA221 (both approximate only)
Applied Math II MA212 (FCSEC) MA223 (repalcment course)
Applied Math III MA213 (FCSEC) MA212 (approximate only)
Differential Equations and Matrix Algebra I MA221 MA211 (2010) (approximate only)
Differential Equations and Matrix Algebra II MA222 MA212 (2010) (approximate only)
Statistics for Chemical Engineers MA227 MA223
Disco I MA215 MA275
Introduction to Probability and Statistics MA311 MA381
Disco II MA315 MA375


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