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MA375 - Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra II - 2010-11

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Catalogue Description and Prerequisites

MA 375 Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra II 4R-0L-4C W Pre: MA 275
A continuation of MA 275. Relations. An introduction to finite state machines. More advanced enumeration techniques including recurrence relations, generating functions and the principle of inclusion and exclusion.

Prerequisite: MA 275

Course Goals

  1. Continue to introduce students to discrete mathematics, covering especially the topics noted in the course topics below. 
  2. Improve mathematical modeling and analytical problem solving skills, especially with generating functions and recurrence relations.
  3. Develop an ability to communicate mathematically.
  4. Introduce applications of discrete mathematics, especially in science and engineering.

Textbook and other required materials

Textbook: Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, an Applied Introduction

Course Topics

  1. Relations
  2. Principle of Inclusion-Exclusion
  3. Generating functions
  4. Recurrence relations
  5. Finite State Machines
  6. The following topics are to be included as examples of the above topics:

The following list of topics are those that, while not required, are suggested topics used to supplement the above required topics. Those who teach MA 375 in a given year are to decide which of these topics are to be included. The specific course topics to be covered will be listed in the companion file MA375TopicsFromText.php

  1. Under Relations:
  2. Minimization of finite state machines
  3. Modular arithmetic : Multiplicative inverses
  4. Permutation groups
  5. Spanning trees

Course Requirements and Policies

The following policies and requirements will apply to all sections and classes:

Final Exam Policy There will be final exam common to all sections.

Individual Instructor Policies

Your instructor will determine the following for your class: *Note that most instructors will enforce some type of grade penalty for students with more than four unexcused absences.

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