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MA223 - Engineering Statistics I - 2010-11

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Catalogue Description and Prerequisites

MA 223 Engineering Statistics I 4R-0L-4C F, W, S Pre: MA 112 This is an introductory course in statistical data analysis. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, introduction to simple probability concepts, and random variables (including their linear combinations and expectations). The Central Limit Theorem will be presented. Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for one mean, one proportion, and one standard deviation/variance will be covered as well as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for the difference of two means. An introduction to one factor analysis of variance and simple linear regression will be presented. A computer package will be used for statistical analysis and simulation. Experimental data from a variety of fields of interest to the science and engineering majors enrolled will also be used to illustrate statistical concepts and facilitate the development of the student's statistical thinking.

Prerequisite: MA112 Calculus II

Course Goals

Textbook and other required materials

Textbook: Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd edition -Jay Devore (Cal Poly) and Nicholas Farnum (Cal State Fullerton)
Computer Usage:  Minitab 15

Course Topics

Course Requirements and Policies

The following policies and requirements will apply to all sections and classes:

Computer Policy

A summary of the computer policy page:

Students will be expected to demonstrate a minimal level of competency with a relevant statistical package. The statistical package will be an integral part of the course and will be used regularly in class work, in homework assignments and during quizzes/exams. Students will also be expected to demonstrate the ability to perform certain elementary computations by hand. (See Performance Standards below.)

Performance Standards

Not yet specificed.

Final Exam Policy

The following is an extract from the final exam policy page. Consult the policy page for complete details.

The final exam will consist of two parts. The first part will be "by hands" (paper, pencil). No computing devices (calculators/computers) will be allowed during the first part of the final exam. This part of the exam will cover both computational fundamentals as well as some conceptual interpretation, though the level of difficulty and depth of conceptual interpretation must take into account that this part of the exam will be shorter than the second part of the exam.  No "cheat sheets", or prepared program on the calculator may be used. The second part of the exams will cover all skills: concepts, calculation, modeling, problem solving, and interpretation. Statistics tables, if needed, will be provided.

Individual Instructor Policies

Your instructor will determine the following for your class: *Note that most instructors will enforce some type of grade penalty for students with more than four unexcused absences.

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