Automorphisms of Riemann Surfaces, Algebraic Curves

and Related Topics Interest Group

Conferences and Particpants
Chicago IL -2015
Penn State PA - 2009
Tucson AZ - 2007
Santa Barbara CA - 2005
Contact Organizers
Allen Broughton
Peter Turbek
Tony Weaver
Aaron Wooton
Last modified: 9 Feb 15

Purpose: Interest group in automorphisms of Riemann surfaces. Intended for mathematicians interested in participating in U.S. based conferences on automorphisms of Riemann surfaces/algebraic curves and related topics, building upon the 2005 Santa Barbara, 2007 Tucson, and the 2009 Penn State AMS regional conferences.


Past Conferences: The conference pages below give an overview of past conferences, participants, titles of papers and some links to presentation and/or papers.

Future Conferences: At the Tucson and at the the Penn State conference, in the discussion session, it was generally agreed that conferences should be at two year intervals. We are jsut now catching up!

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