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     The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a place where you can get help when your words are garbled, your equations don't compute, or your data are puzzling.





The Learning Center has a variety of resources, including online material. Visit the Learning Center for topic handouts, review packets, past exams, study skills material. These files have been created by tutors or donated to us by students or faculty. Students may browse these files and receive copies at the Learning Center front desk. Click the links below to access online resources and links.



Learning Center Resources


Study Tips

General   Reading
Note-taking   Time Management
Stress Management   Course Management
Exam Preparation   Final Exam Tips
Essay Testing   Studying
5 Tips for Freshman   5 Tips for Sophomores
Overcoming Test Anxiety   Writing Lab reports
Avoiding Procrastination   Balancing Fun & Studies
Concept Guides
Calculus Formulas   Physics Formulas
Integration by Parts   Cross Products
Partial Derivatives   Finding Volume
Work   Convergence Tests
Organic Chemistry Concepts   Free Body Diagrams
Limits   Basics of Differentiation
Rose-Hulman Thesis Information
Thesis Manual   Thesis Guide
Thesis Examples   Thesis Guidelines
Thesis Tenses   Thesis Review

Other Resources

Study Tips
Study Skills Inventory   Study Guides
How to Study   Cal Poly Study Tips
List of Web Resources   Study Advice
Writing Tips
Amherst College   Oregon State University
Penn State   Writing Help
Science & Engineering
Unit Conversion   Engineering's Edge
Physics Help   Wolfram Search
Calculus Help   eFunda
SOS Math   Math Encyclopedia
Exam Preparation
GRE Physics Forum   GRE General
GRE Physics Tips   GRE Preparation
FE   FE Practice
KAPLAN   GMAT Practice
Test Preparation   MCAT
    The WikiPremed MCAT Course