Leadership Team

The leadership team is the head leadership for the entire chapter. The following is a descriptive list of the typical roles within the leadership team. Not every position will be filled every year – the structure of the leadership team depends on both the chapter’s current needs and the gifts of the applicants. [Note: ‘leadership team’ is a simply a name to distinguish the head leadership (who are required to attend the weekly leadership meeting) from the other necessary leadership positions. Every person who has a role in InterVarsity is a leader of his/her area] Leadership Team Application


Maintains chapter vision and prays fervently for the chapter. Shepherds and leads the leadership team during the weekly leadership team meetings and at the annual Chapter Focus Week. As the name implies, the overseer generally supervises and is ultimately responsible for all chapter events and activities. Overseer Application

Large Group Coordinator

Coordinates weekly Large Group meetings. Responsible for contacting speakers, gathering announcements, and communicating with others involved with Large Group (worship team leader, video and power point coordinator, and sound coordinator). Delegates or supervises all other components of Large Group including community building activities such as mixers and skits. The Large Group Coordinator is responsible for organizing a team of individuals to assist in planning and delegating responsibilities for the planning of the weekly Large Group meetings. Large Group Coordinator Application

Ministry Coordinator

Selects (along with the leadership team and Staff Worker), meets with, supervises, supports, and encourages Small Group leaders in a specific area of campus. The main purpose of the Ministry Coordinator is to facilitate dynamic small groups with his/her area. The minimum is small groups, but there is no maximum. Shepherds small group leaders during a regular meeting. Experience leading a small group is almost essential to being an effective Ministry Coordinator, although that is not the only required skill. This person owns a vision for his/her area and has the motivation and skills to be a dynamic leader, allowing God to oversee the growth in the particular area. Ministry Coordinator Application

NSO/Outreach Coordinator

Plans (and recruits other to carry out) chapter outreach events such as coffee houses, Interaction Cafes, panel discussions, outreach concerts, etc. This person holds the leadership team accountable for personal evangelism and should be actively sharing Christ with friends. This person also supervises, supports, and encourages the GIG leaders, and encourages individual outreach events in the dorms. New Student Outreach (NSO) in the fall is a priority for this position. Outreach Coordinator

Greek Coordinator

Greek Coordinator Application

Other Leadership/Stewardship Roles

The following roles, though very important to the chapter, do not necessitate weekly attendance at the leadership team meetings. Attendance at the weekly meetings will be necessary from time to time, but not continuously. Information that they need will mostly be given to them by the coordinator from the leadership responsible for that role. Again, not all of these roles are filled every year and we are always open to creating new ones or modifying existing ones based on people’s gifts. Note that one person can hold multiple roles within the chapter.

Prayer Coordinator

This person is responsible for organizing and providing leadership and direction to daily prayer meetings and concerts of prayer. He/she is also responsible for organizing prayer support for outreach events. This person chooses and oversees the daily prayer meeting leaders.

Daily Prayer Meeting Leader

Leads the chapter in prayer on one of the days of the week (there should be at least five DPM leaders at the discretion of the Prayer Coordinator). DPM leaders should be able to attend DPM’s more often than just their own, at least two meetings a week. DPM leaders provide a focus for prayer on their day, giving structure to the meeting. DPM leaders are accountable to the Prayer Coordinator.

Communications and Publicity Coordinator

Responsible for the communication of announcements and info to the entire chapter. In close contact with the Clatters Coordinator and the Website team. Also responsible for publicizing (and heading up any publicity teams for) IVCF and IVCF-sponsored campus events. New Student Outreach (our fall outreach to freshman) and InterAction Cafés are two such important events. Generally, this person makes sure that the entire campus knows what Intervarsity is doing at Rose-Hulman.

Clatters Coordinator

Responsible for writing our weekly newsletter, Clatters. Will be in close contact with Communications and Publicity coordinator. Ability to meet weekly deadlines and enjoying creative publicity are key qualifications for this role.

Website Team

In charge of maintaining and improving our website. This team consists of a head webmaster, and a number of other web administrators. Skill with web page development is helpful, as well as a creative drive to put great web ideas into action. Accountable to the Communications and Publicity Coordinator.

Worship Coordinator

Facilitates and encourages worship within the chapter. Assumes responsibility for worship at Large Group each week. Leads and develops worship team(s). May also lead an action group whose members are the worship team itself. Must be able to attend most Large Group meetings.

Video and PowerPoint Coordinator

Responsible for PowerPoint, video, and any other visual media at Large Group. Also responsible for video at InterAction Cafés and other outreach events. Must be able to attend most Large Group meetings.

Sound Coordinator

Responsible for sound at Large Group meetings, and other events where sound is necessary. May be in charge of sound at InterAction Cafés. Responsible for bringing sound equipment to Large Group meetings, as well as set-up, tear-down, and taking equipment back to storage location. Must be able to attend most Large Group meetings.

Missions Committee

Includes chairperson and treasurer. The members of the missions committee are responsible for planning and organizing the chapter mission’s trips that take place during school breaks. The missions committee is also in charge of raising funds to subsidize the cost of the trip for chapter members.

Drama Team Coordinator

Responsible for developing (and/or obtaining) skits to perform at Large Group and InterAction Cafés. Coordinates and leads practices for the drama team. May also lead an action group whose members are the team itself. May also head up the creation of cool videos that advertise upcoming events or make a point about a specific topic (for Large Group or InterAction Café).

Activities Coordinator

Plans and coordinates cool weekly activities (usually on weekends). Plans out activities in advance, buys food, organizes money (i.e. for a concert), etc. This position is important in helping to advance chapter unity and camaraderie.


Maintains the InterVarsity library as well as purchases new books for it. Plugs books that relate to the current Large Group topic. Helps people to find resources that they need in their Christian walk (for example: if someone came to the librarian needing a recommendation for a book on servanthood, the librarian could point him/her to some possible book choices).

GIG (Group Investigating God) Coordinator

Supervises, meets with, supports, and encourages GIG leaders. Shepherds and trains GIG leaders. Encourages all members of InterVarsity to lead GIGs, and sets an example by leading one him/herself. This role is assigned to the Outreach Coordinator, if not individually assigned to someone else.

Service Coordinator

Organizes service activities for the chapter and keeps social justice on the minds of those involved in Intervarsity. Partners with other service organizations as an outreach service event.

Financial Coordinator/Treasurer

Organizes a budget for the year and keeps the chapter in line with its finances. Reports directly to the overseer. Must by a person of integrity and have strong organizational skills.

In-House Training Coordinator

Organizes the in-house training events with the help of the chapter, including but not limited to Contagious Christian, GIG training, Discipleship Training, Bible Leadership Training, etc. This is an important role as in-house training gets put to the wayside if it is given to someone with other large responsibilities also. This person may periodically attend the weekly Leadership Team meeting.

Small Group Leader

Leads a small group of fellow students in studying God’s word in a weekly Bible study. A Small Group Leader is responsible for organizing the weekly study as well as planning quarterly “care” (providing food for the whole dorm, etc) and “share” (outreach, such as Q&A sessions, etc) events. Most Small Group Leaders will lead their study with a co-leader.