The Indiana Association of College and University Business Officers (IACUBO) is organized under the umbrellas of the Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO). IACUBO has been in existence for many years, and there is no dues assessment for membership in the organization.

Historically, business officers from across the state met twice a year to discuss solutions to common problems with the meeting locations rotating among the campuses. These were usually one-day meetings with "hot" topics of the day. Speakers were usually from within the group or some "expert" from a participating college or university.

In the late 1980's, attendance began to decrease indicating it was time for a change in the direction of the organization. The leaders elected for 1987-88 polled many of the business officers at the institutions across the state and discovered a need for continuity within IACUBO and improved programming to better meet the needs of business officers and their staff.

Planning processes were initiated with new faces invited to participate. An organizational structure mirroring CACUBO was put in place to help provide continuity of leadership, and programming was improved by bringing in regional and national speakers. Sponsorships were added to help offset the cost of new programming. An inaugural meeting with changes in place was held in the fall of 1989.

Today, IACUBO is a revitalized organization striving to meet your professional development needs as a business officer in higher education.