Gomoa Gyaman – Latrines Project

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Gomoa Gyaman (“go-Moh-ah Jah-mon”) is a village of around 2,500 individuals in Ghana, Africa. It is located about fifty miles from Accra, the capital of Ghana.

We performed an initial assessment trip to Gomoa Gyaman from August 16th to August 27th, 2013. During our time in the community we met with village elders to discuss the needs of the community. We also performed interviews with several residents to get a better idea of what problems were on everyone’s minds.

During this trip, we observed that the community did not have adequate sanitation facilities. The village has a few latrines. The Ghanaian government constructed two latrines (containing six stalls each) intended for use by a local school house, and the community constructed a public pit latrine. This is not enough to serve a village of 10,000 people. EWB-RHIT is planning to design a series of cheap latrines that can be built with locally-available materials. We plan to build the initial latrines ourselves; however, as in our Dominican Republic project, we plan to teach the community how to build our design on their own.