Assistant Tasks

CSSE 120—Introduction to Software Development

Task Description Date Available Assistant Assigned (CS) Done?
Longer term: Add index to top of PyDev configuration instructions in resources      
Longer term: add recursive pretty_print function to Zelle graphics library      
Go through graded assignments, replacing empty spaces with 0's Weekly    
Assign extra credit points for bug reports (+2 minor, +4 major) Weekly    
ANGEL Reading Quizzes Most every session  Session 1 assistants
In-class Quizzes Most every session  In-class assistants, Dr B.
HW1: Graphics Mon, Sept 3 Matt Boutell x
HW2: 02-InputComputeOutput repo Weds, Sept 5 Rain Dartt x
HW3: 03-AssignmentAndLoops repo Thurs, Sept 6 Navin Weiss x
HW4: 04-ReviewAndPractice: Factorial and BarChart (pair programming) Mon, Sept 10 Lindsey Watterson x
HW4: 04-ReviewAndPractice repo Mon, Sept 10 Rain Dartt x
HW5: Written assignment Weds, Sept 12 In-class assistants, Dr. B. x
HW6: 06-MoreGraphicsAndObjects (pair) Thurs, Sept 13 Navin Weiss x
HW7: 07-TypesAndLists, pizzaPolyStar Mon, Sept 17 Rain Dartt x
HW8: 08-DecisionStructures: Circle of Circles and countPassFail Weds, Sept 19 Lindsey Watterson x
HW09: 09-StringsFormattingAndFiles: function display Thurs, Sept 20 Navin Weiss x
HW10: 10-Functions, using files Mon, Sept 24   x
HW10: 10-Functions: Cross Words (pair) Tues, Sept 25 Rain Dartt x
HW11: 11-WhileLoops, generalized star, speedReading Weds, Sept 26 Navin Weiss x
HW13: 13-LoopPatterns, listAndMax, fuelEfficiency Mon, Oct 1 Rain Dartt x
HW14: 14-NestedLoops Weds, Oct 3 Navin Weiss x
HW15: 15-Blackjack Thurs, Oct 4 Lindsey Watterson x
Term Project: Set Tues, Oct 16 Dr. Boutell x
HW22: CNestedLoops Weds, Oct 24 Navin Weiss x
HW22: ThatsPerfect Weds, Oct 24 Rain Dartt x
HW23: RectangleStructs Thurs, Oct 25 Lindsey Watterson x
HW24: PointersHomework Mon, Oct 29 Navin Weiss x
HW25: HousePrices Weds, Oct 31 Rain Dartt
HW26: StringFunctions Thurs, Nov 1 Lindsey Watterson x
HW27: Ascii Art (part 1) Mon, Nov 5 Navin Weiss
Final Project: AsciiArt Mon, Nov 12 TBA