Past Programs of the CWRTWCI


John Etter The Indiana Legion:  A Civil War Militia
Jim Goecker Galvanized Yankees:  The U. S. Volunteers
Greg Biggs The Atlanta Campaign:  Part II




Chris Olsen Writing Civil War History
Ray Neff Dark Union: The Secret Web of Profiteers, Politicians, and Booth Conspirators That Led to Lincoln's Death
Ryan Rokicki Civil War Medicine
Barbara Butler Davis Affectionately Yours:  The Civil War Home-Front Letters of the Ovid Butler Family
Ray Mulesky Thunder from a Clear Sky:  "Stovepipe" Johnson's raid on Newburgh, Indiana
Ed Vogt

Searching for Opothleyahola:  The First Campaign in the Indian Nations

Gregg Biggs The Atlanta Campaign:  Part I
Tony Trimble Cades Cove:  A Community At War
Nikki Schofield Mrs. Frederick Douglass


Jim Goecker "Fightin' Joe"  Hooker
Wes Hanson The Civil War Through Music
Richard Skidmore Captain Alexander Lawrie and His Gifts to Indiana
Dale Phillips The Battles of Port Hudson and Baton Rouge
Eric Wittenberg "Plenty of Blame to go around":  JEB Stuart's Ride to Gettysburg
Gerald Jones Berdan's Sharpshooters
Robert Vane Lincoln and Grant:  The Partnership that Won the War
Gregg Biggs The Crack of Doom: The Collapse of Confederate Department No. 2 in February, 1862
Ken Anderson Infernal Machines:  The Silent Service during the Civil War


Nikki Schofield Belle Boyd and the Perils of Spying
Richard Skidmore Black Civil War Soldiers: Almost Invisible
Depauw University Students Dr. Schlotterbeck's students on various subjects 
Lester Horwitz The Longest Raid: An Update on Morgan's Raid
Richard Skidmore  The John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail Trip
James Bean Civil War Miniatures
Kevin Bollinger The Rock of Chickamauga:  George Thomas
Jim Goecker The Bureau of Military Information:  Military Intelligence Comes of Age
various members Civil War trips, books and memories of 2004


Larry Creed Civil War Money
James Ross Flags of the Civil War
Norris Darrall Hoosiers at Chickamauga
Sandy Barnard Striking Charleston: The Battle of Secessionville, 1862
Gordon Whitney Jefferson C. Davis
Robert E. May When Americans Were Terrorists
Steven Hill Federal Colors in the Civil War
Mike Owens Reading Ambrose Bierce: Separating Civil War Fact from Civil War Fiction
Jim Goecker The Evolution of the Union Cavalry as seen by the 3rd Indiana Cavalry, West Wing
Ken Anderson Oliver Hubbell: Adventures of a Sojourner from the Iron Brigade


Sandy Barnard A Private Campaigns with the Irish Brigade
Gerald J. Prokopowicz, Ph.D. Waterloo In Kentucky: The Quest for Decisive Battle In The Civil War
Frank Doughman The Cumberland Gap
Norris Darrall Pea Ridge
Nat Hughes Adventures in Writing Civil War History--Forty Years on the Firing Line.
Richard Skidmore John Hunt Morgan:  Then and Now
Nikki Schofield Aiding and Abetting John Wilkes Booth - Mary Surratt's Personal Account
various members Show and Tell
Jim Goecker The Evolution of the Union Cavalry as seen by the 3rd Indiana Cavalry, East Wing


Tim Townsend Election of 1864
Dale Phillips Beast Butler
David Sutherland VMI in the Civil War
Steve Jackson Boys in Blue
Stephen Engle Don Carlos Buell: The McClellan of the West
Mark Jaeger We Whipped Them Most Completely: The 10th Indiana Volunteers at Mill Springs, KY
Nikki Schofield Susan Pendleton Lee, the Confederate Secret Service of Canada
Ed Bearss The Pickett/Pettigrew Charge at Gettysburg
Dale Phillips The Red River Campaign


Craig Dunn The Twentieth Indiana Regiment
Wayne Sharp Camp Morton
Dan Mitchell Mississippi Marine Brigade
Tom Goodrich Black Flag - Honor on the Missouri-Kansas Border
Dr. James A. Ramage The Gray Ghost - John Singleton Mosby
David Felstein Private R. F. Shelby of the 38th Indiana Volunteers, Company D
Dr. Chris Olsen Interpreting the Coming of the War:  Through the Years
Sandy Barnard Major Joel Elliot, a Quaker from Centerville


Jack Wright He Knew Lincoln
Harold Spicer Walt Whitman in the Civil War
Doug Imboden Confederate General J.D. Imboden
Harold Spicer & Larry Ligget A Dialogue on Civil War Research
Don Brattain The Underground Railroad
Nikki Schofield Mrs. Anzolette Page Pendleton
Larry Ligget Coburn's Brigade
Gerald Jones  Munfordville, the Forgotten Battle


Marietta Bargen & Vera Kierstead Songs of the Civil War Period
Libbie K. Hughes Abel Streight and the 51st Indiana Regiment
Betty Jo Bartley Whitewash and Women:  The Story Behind the United States Sanitary Commission
Students Dr. Schlotterbeck's Students on various subjects 
Warren Lambert The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky
Lee Parsons Henry Dana Washburn and the 18th Indiana Volunteers
Geraldine Rue Thomas Hart Benton McCain and the 86th Indiana Volunteers
Robert H. Puckett Abraham Lincoln's Political Humanism
Gavin Kelly Billy Yank and Johnny Reb, a skit 


  A Poisonous Air:  Morgan's Raid and The Landmark Case of Lambdin Milligan
David Hurst Listen to Mr. Lincoln--One More Time
Clyde Stringer The Development of the McClellan Saddle
Depauw University Students Four topics by DePauw History Students
James Ramage The Controversial Death of John Hunt Morgan
Eric Ewald The Third Circle of War (a diary of a soldier in the 57th Indiana Infantry)
Dan Goris Collecting Civil War Artifacts
Gordon Whitney Triumph and Tragedy: The Life and Times of Jefferson C. Davis
Robert May A Confederate Christmas


Andy Houck Arms and Equipment of Civil War Infantry
Libbie K. Hughes Civil War Ancestors: How to find them
members and friends  Family Tales of the Civil War
Betty Jo Bartley Oliver Perry Morton, Indiana's War Governor
Richard Skidmore Indiana and the Civil War
Emmaline Henry Here's To The Ladies--God Bless 'Em
Stephen Pierson Federal Leadership in the Shenandoah Campaign of 1862
George Rable The Sack of Fredericksburg
Sandy Barnard The John Ryan Story
Donald J. Cook Eli Lilly and the Founding of the Lilly Family in Greencastle
Nikki Schofield A Visit From Mrs. Stonewall Jackson


Jack Wright Diaries of a Civil War Veteran (Jesse McClave, 89th Ohio Infantry)
Hugh Henry Nathan Bedford Forrest
Cathie Bean Civil War Original Sources and How to Use Them
Depauw University Students Several Short Subjects 
James Trulock Contrasting Portraits of Courage ( Joshua Chamberlain and others at Fredericksburg)
Susan LeBeau Women's Clothing During Civil War Times
Larry Ligget Exploits of Major General John A. Logan
John & Diana LaViolette The Incomparable General Dan Sickles
Tony Trimble Lewis Addison Armistead
Bob Breese News from the Front by James Gooding


Don Brattain Civil War Prisons
David Hurst Let's Listen to Mr. Lincoln (No.2.)
Michael Klinger The Battle of Franklin
Depauw University Students Potpourri of Civil War Subjects
Richard McMurry Historians of the Civil War
Jim Bean Civil War Artillery
members and friends  Civil War Ancestors & Relatives
Gary Newlon Masons and Masonry in the Civil War
Andy Houck The Big Guns--Siege and Heavy Artillery
Cathie Bean Civil War Original Sources and How to Use Them
Nancy L. Eckerman Civil War Medicine, Surgeons from Indiana


Thomas Krasean When Morgan Lands
Alan P. Hinds Battle of Mobile Bay
Emma & John Walton William A. Alley, Northern Soldier


Ed Bearrs Whatever he wanted to talk about!