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Fall Career Fair:

October 5, 2011


Winter Career Fair: January 25, 2012


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April 18, 2012


Next week is the 2011 Fall Career Fair. Here are some links and information you will need to help you get ready for the big event!


2011 Career Bootcamp – Monday October 3, 2011 from noon – 3pm

Get the help you need to be successful at the career fair

On Monday, Career Services will be holding our annual Career Bootcamp event in the Union Kahn Rooms from noon to 3pm. Designed to help students get ready for the big fair on Wednesday, you can stop by to meet our staff and Peer Advisors, plus regional recruiters. All will be ready to provide resume reviews and help you practice your sales pitch for the fair. Recruiters from Baxter Healthcare, Interactive Intelligence and ThyssenKrupp Terre Haute will be helping with the event.


2011 Fall Career Fair - Wednesday October 5, 2011

Over 180 companies looking for full-time, intern & co-op candidates

Plan to attend the largest recruiting event on campus next week as Career Services hosts companies from around the country at the annual Fall Career Fair. Dress to impress and then bring your resume to the SRC from 11am to 4pm on Wednesday, October 5th. Be sure to sign in when you arrive, and get a nametag before heading out to network with employers. The event will be a large one this year, so check out the company list online and plan your strategy for connecting with your top companies.



20 New Companies to Attend Fall Career Fair

Welcome these guests to Rose-Hulman when you see them

Our career fairs are known for bringing back companies year after year to meet our students. We also like to bring in new companies to learn about Rose-Hulman and share their opportunities with campus. This year we have several new companies coming to a Rose-Hulman career fair for their first time. Please stop by and welcome them to Rose-Hulman!


New Career Fair Companies: Accuride Corporation, Agr International, Inc., Apache Corporation, Archway Technology Partners, Cargill, Delaware Dynamics LLC, Edgile, Inc, Elektrobit Automotive, ENVIRON, FirstMile Technologies, Johnson Controls, Inc., Knauf Insulation, Matrix Technologies, Inc., Midwest Generation, Nidec Motor Corporation, ORS, Inc., Peters, Tschantz and Associates, West Monroe Partners, Dow AgroSciences, and Kranze Technology Solutions, Inc.


Interview City – Thursday, October 6, 2011

44 companies will conduct interviews on-campus after the career fair

Neatly packaged with the Fall Career Fair is Interview City, our solution for managing the multitude of on-campus interviews that will occur as a result of the career fair. To accommodate the 44 companies that are currently scheduled to interview, all interviews will take place in the SRC Fieldhouse on Thursday. Additional companies may add schedules between now and the career fair, but any company conducting interviews on Thursday, October 6th, will do so in the SRC. Plan to arrive a few minutes early and report to the area that normally houses student registration for the fair. There you will find a waiting area. Sit quietly, and your interviewer will call your name when it is time for your interview. The interviews are conference-style in nature, meaning you will not be in a private interview room, but we arrange the layout to minimize distractions and noise. You can visit our website for more information and advice on interviewing.


How to Prepare for a Rose-Hulman Career Fair

Watch our video to see a career fair in action

If you’ve never been to a Fall Career Fair at Rose-Hulman, you might not be sure what to expect. We have a video that you might want to watch, which will give you a brief glimpse of what to expect and how to prepare. You can click here to view the video on our YouTube channel.


Here are some additional tips to help make you a success:

·         Appearance is important. Be sure to brush off your best suit, slacks or dress and prepare to look as good in person as you do on paper. Our career fairs are professional events and even if the reps are wearing jeans, it doesn’t mean you should be. Pay attention to grooming, hygiene, and your attire. Always dress to impress and err on the side of being conservative if you are uncertain. First impressions can make you or break you.

·         Take plenty of resumes with you to the fair. You will be handing out a lot of these and you don’t want to run out. You may even want to consider having a couple of copies of your transcript with you, just in case. You won’t need these for many companies, but if your number one company is very interested in your coursework, having your transcript to share with them may be helpful.

·         Do your company research beforehand. All of the company profiles are on our website. You can sort the list by major and then look to see what types of positions they are hiring for. Make some quick notes for yourself about each company and review them before approaching their table at the fair. We will also have printed books available at the fair and a prep area set up, too.

·         Know what you want. Are you looking for an internship or full-time work? Make sure you know and they know, too. Practice your introduction and let them know exactly what you are hoping to find with their company. It is also a good idea to mentally review your time here at Rose so you can easily tell them what you can bring to the table in terms of skills and abilities.

·         Have a top 10 list. Make a list of the top 10 (or 15 or 20) companies you want to visit at the fair. Start with the bottom of the list and work your way to the top so that by the time you visit your top choice, you will have your sales pitch down to perfection!

·         Prepare questions to ask them. It will be your responsibility to keep the conversation going with a company rep. They may have some basic questions to ask you, but you need to be prepared to ask them questions, too. Ask about their programs, their training, opportunities at different facilities, etc. Your questions indicate your level of interest in them.


eRecruiting - Update your account to avoid missed opportunities

Get your profile and your resume ready to be seen

Everyone should be logging in as soon as possible to upload a new resume and update their profile on eRecruiting. Pay special attention to your GPA, class status, job intent and date of graduation. Companies already have jobs in the system that you can apply for, and we already have many info sessions and events planned for you to attend! You would be surprised how many opportunities you might have already missed, so make a plan to check eRecruiting every week to maximize your recruiting leads.


Career Services eBoard helps you prep for the Fall Career Fair

Rotating company profiles help you do research in your down time

The new Career Services eBoard, located on the wall near the backpack cubbies in the Union lobby, is currently displaying profiles of the companies that are coming to the Fall Career Fair. You will still see our Partnership Program ads and information about other events, but the career fair profiles have been set to a higher priority between now and the fair. That means you can learn a little more about companies while you’re waiting for lunch or hanging out in the lobby!


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