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Oct. 24, 2008


Logo Contest for New Mentoring Program

Calling all student graphic designers! Career Services and the Student Alumni Association will be rolling out a new Alumni Mentoring Program during the Winter Quarter in an effort to link up current students with alumni. The program will be titled AMP (Alumni Mentoring Program) and we are in need of a logo! A panel of staff judges will select three finalists and a winner will then be selected. The designer of the winning logo will receive a $50 gift card to the bookstore and the two runner-ups will receive a $25 gift card to the bookstore. For more info and complete details, visit our website!


Intellectual Property Law Panel Discussion

Are you interested in Intellectual Property Law? Representatives from the Indiana University, Bloomington Law School will be on campus to host a panel discussion on this topic. This is a great opportunity to learn from individuals with various experiences in the field of Intellectual Property Law. Food will be provided for those in attendance. See details below:


What: Intellectual Property Law panel discussion

When: November 12th at 5:30 pm

Where: Music Room in the Hulman Union


1220+ Students Attended Fall Career Fair

The annual Fall Career Fair that was held on October 8th was a huge success. We had over 1220 students register that they attended the fair and only had 4 companies not show up to participate, making the 208 companies in attendance part of our largest fair ever. We hope you were able to make some great connections for your internship or job search, and encourage you to follow up with representatives that you met at the fair. Keep an eye on eRecruiting to see when companies might be scheduling on-campus interviews and be sure to apply to their open jobs!


Watch Out For Weird Job Offers Through Email

But a job offer is a job offer, right? Not so! We have had a few students contact us recently that they have gotten emails offering them jobs that claim you can earn $1000-$5000/week doing work from home. Sound fishy? It is! If you ever get an email that seems suspicious or too good to be true, please check with us first. These are likely spam companies that have picked up your email address from somewhere. We do not release your information to any company that is not a legitimate hiring agency, so always check with us first if you are unsure.


…or Email Offers to Join “Organizations”

We always encourage students to get involved in clubs and organizations on campus, but occasionally students will send us emails that they have gotten asking them to join organizations not affiliated with Rose-Hulman. Sometimes these organizations look very good, and might even have nice websites. Be careful not to be fooled into giving them any personal information or money. One recent email referred to the “2009-2010 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals Honors Edition” which the student was invited to be included in. Once again, if you are ever unsure of communications you are getting, feel free to run it past us first.


Apply For Jobs on eRecruiting – Even if You Went to the Career Fair

eRecruiting is the system that we use to post all of our full-time, intern and co-op opportunities to our students through. It is imperative that you are applying to posted jobs if you want to be considered for on-campus interviews and other opportunities with companies. Just because you passed your resume to a company at the career fair, don’t assume it made the transition to the person doing the scheduling for interviews or the hiring for their jobs. Cover all your bases and apply to every job you have an interest in, no matter who you might have networked with at the fair!


Ace Your Interview with the STAR Technique

One of the keys to having a successful interview is to know how to properly phrase your answers. One of the best ways is to use the STAR Technique. The best answers will tell an interviewer about your skills and abilities by describing times when you've demonstrated those skills and abilities in the past. The answer should include 3 parts: a description of the Situation or Task (the reason you took a particular course of action), the Action (be sure it's something specific that  you actually did) and the Result. Results, of course, should always reflect success. For more information drop by our office for a copy of our manual or visit our website to learn more about developing yourself into a STAR!


Located in the Hulman Memorial Union,  812-877-8212