Undergraduate Work Experience:

Over 90% of all our students will graduate with at least one work experience, and many will have multiple ones. We work with several specific types of underclass employment:

● Internships: full-time work that occurs during the summer. Any student is eligible to have an internship after their freshman year. We also coordinate two special internship programs with Indiana companies, so check those out, too!

● Co-op: full-time work that occurs during the school year instead of attending class. We have a process for this experience, so come see us if you are interested in a co-op! Students are eligible for a co-op starting in their sophomore year.

● Research: this can be full or part-time work here at Rose-Hulman and also with other organizations through activities like summer REUs.

● Rose-Hulman Ventures: RHV is located a few miles from campus and offers part-time internships during the school year, and full-time internships during the summer.

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