Wabash Reclaims Little Giant-Engineer Golf Cup

kiralyTERRE HAUTE, IND. -- Wabash College reclaimed the Little Giant-Engineer Cup with a 10.5-5.5 Ryder Cup style scoring victory over Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology on Thursday at Rea Park Golf Course.

Rose-Hulman senior Aaron Kiraly (Granger) and freshman Nick Parham (Terre Haute/North) tied for the top individual scoring honors with Jackson Stevens of Wabash after scoring 77. 

Kiraly and Parham joined sophomore Brandon Scroggins (Hanover/Shawe Memorial) with individual point victories in the Ryder Cup scoring system.  The tandem of Scroggins and junior Eric Kamer (Greenwood/Center Grove) added a team point.

All-square matches include individual performances from senior Jeremiah Cole (Morton, Ill.) and Kamer.  The team of Kiraly and freshman Tucker Cox (Bedford/North Lawrence) contributed the final half-point with a match play draw.

Rose-Hulman returns to action at the 36-hole Manchester Invitational on Oct. 1.

Wabash (477): 1) Seth Hensley 79; 2) Michael Piggins 81; 3) Jackson Stevens 77; 4) Scott Johansen Jr. 83; 5) Ben Foster 80; 6) Scott Morrison 85; 7) Logan Burdick 81; 8) James Kennedy 79; 9) Alex Robbins 83; 10) Nick Sommer 81; I) Nathan Klopfenstein 86; I) Terry Sullivan 90; I) Corey Egler 93

Rose-Hulman (483): 1) Nick Parham 77; 2) Aaron Kiraly 77; 3) John Rigitano 83; 4) Tucker Cox 83; 5) Eric Kamer 82; 6) Jeremiah Cole 85; 7) Brandon Scroggins 81; 8) Shaune Conner 93; 9) Steven Stoops 91; 10) Adam Geisler 88

Individual Match Play Winners:  Nick Parham, Aaron Kiraly, Brandon Scroggins

Team Match Play Winner: Eric Kamer/Brandon Scroggins

All Square Matches: Eric Kamer, Jeremiah Cole; Team of Aaron Kiraly and Tucker Cox