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MATE ROV (2010-Present) - new to the team this year, this competition features a shifting yearly objective that teams must build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to fulfil.

The MATE ROV competition is an underwater robotics competition primarily for high school and college teams. Each year the competition changes with the teams required to solve a unique problem designed by the competition coordinators. The competition consists of not only completing a timed pool mission, but also creating a poster and technical report. Additionally, during the competition teams must participate in an engineering evaluation in which team members explain their design to a panel of distinguished engineers. Each portion of the competition is given a score and the team with the highest point total wins.




Intelligent Ground
Vehicle Competition
(2007-Present) - an international robotics competition focused on autonomous vehicles navigating a challenging course.

The goal of the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition is autonomous traversal of an obstacle course composed of lanes, traffic barrels, and other obstacles. It is held in Rochester, Michigan each year at Oakland University, here.

There are three major components of the competition, the obstacle course, the navigation challenge, and the technical paper. There is also the optional JAUS demonstration. Before all of this, however, comes qualification.