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Use of Robotics as Educational Tool Featured in SERVO National Magazine

The expanding role of robotics in Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's project-based curriculum is featured in this month's issue of SERVO magazine, a national publication dedicated to the development of the next generation of robotics experimenters.

Geerhead Columnist David Geer interviewed Rose-Hulman electrical and computer engineering professors David Voltmer, Carlotta Berry and Dan Moore, and computer science and software engineering professor Matt Boutell this spring about the use of robotics in a variety of courses that are central to teaching engineering on campus. The story about Rose-Hulman's robotics program, including several photographs, is featured on three pages in the magazine.

Greer noted: "While Rose-Hulman doesn't offer a degree in just robotics per se at this time, prospective students can expect to significantly increase their familiarity with robotics and related disciplines while completing their educations in a selected engineering program." 

Examples featured in the article included:

geer head article 360px
National Attention: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's use of robotics to help teach multiple engineering disciplines is featured in the July issue of SERVO magazine.
  • Paintball Robotics: Rose-Hulman students participated in an international robotics design effort surrounding robotics creations that fired paintballs at red targets. Teams of Rose-Hulman students worked with colleagues from a South Korea university to scientifically sketch and build the paintball lobbing robots -- overcoming any linguistic and cultural barriers along the way.
  • Soccer Robots: Teams of junior and freshman electrical and computer engineering students used LEGO Mindstorm Education NXT Base Sets and Education Resource Sets, as well as Nintendo Wiimotes, to design robots that played offense (attempting to shoot goals into a net) and defense (trying to stop opposing team's shots) while competing in a double-elimination tournament. Robotics have been used for several years by electrical and computer engineering professors to show systems design principles.
  • Robotics Certificate Program: Rose-Hulman students can earn a specialized certificate in robotics after completing a set of multidisciplinary courses, including mechatronics, mobile robotics and robotics engineering. The student's certificate curriculum depends on selected majors and interests, according to Boutell. Faculty members joining Boutell and Berry in the robotics certification program include Stephen Chenoweth, associate professor of computer science and software engineering, and David Fisher, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.

SERVO Magazine ( is devoted to robots and robotics, with each issue set to inspire, educate and entertain hobbyists and other persons enthusiastic about robots.