IP/ROP Grant Proposals 

These proposals are for small (generally under $1000) amounts of money for equipment, supplies, and consumables for faculty/student projects.  Perhaps you need a load cell that Rose doesn't own, or there will be a lot of gelatin used for making tissue phantoms?

Proposals should be limited to 2 pages (not counting references). Submit two copies: one hard copy with signatures and one pdf by email.

Proposals should include:

  • Project Title, Faculty Supervisor Name(s), Student Name(s), with signatures.
  • An executive summary outlining the work to be completed.
  • The quarter(s) for which funding is requested. NEW THIS FALL: You can request support for multiple quarters with one proposal!  (See the revised docx template.)
  • The total amount of the budget request.
  • A statement indicating where the work will be performed.
  • A statement indicating whether the student will receive credit or work-study pay for participating in the project.
  • If the student is receiving credit you should identify what course number they will register under.  (See the docx template.)
  • A more detailed project description.
  • An itemized budget.
  • References as appropriate

Additional Information:

A docx file template you should download and use in crafting your proposal.

Here is the form the reviewers will use to evaluate your proposal.

Here are some examples of very nice proposals from Spring 2012: