Best Student Project Travel Awards

There will be only one of these awards given each quarter, and they are intended for students who have completed excellent work and wish to present it (as a poster or presentation) to external audiences.  The award pays for the travel for the student and the faculty advisor.   

Typically, this award would pay for a student to present at a conference: conference fees, air fare, hotels, meals, etc.  It also pays the expenses for the faculty member. If you have a project where the appropriate external venue is something other than a conference please contact us so we can adapt.

Award Applications should be submitted as hard copy, and must include:

  • Completed application form
  • Abstract of student presentation/poster
  • Current student resume
  • Letter of support from faculty member, in a sealed envelope


  • If a student is traveling to a conference to present Rose work then a Rose employee MUST accompany them.
  • The funding for the faculty member is in addition to the usual money allocated to each faculty member by the Institute.
  • Students who are applying for travel awards must attend the End-of-Quarter Symposuim even if they are not presenting a poster.